Don't ruin your weekend by organizing

I just read a auto-biography I posted describing myself as Casual Obsessive Compulsive. It seemed more attractive than some of the populated choices like "introvert".

So, to casually yet compulsively enter the world of blogging... I will try to share 3 useful things with you, more or less. You know, so you won't get bored with a bunch of incessant chatter on how much I love to stacking containers and well-lit color-coordinated closets. I am well aware that you don't all share my obsession.

So, here's the top 3 ways to enjoy your weekend without letting organizing guilt get in the way:
  1. Don't beat yourself up over what you haven't done. Is your mess calling you ugly names and blowing rasberries behind your back? You had a hard enough week. Relax. Use the weekend to enjoy life and know your organizing project will be there when you have the strength to tackle it. And, yes, it will still be calling you names.
  2. If you start a project, don't feel obligated to finish it. Your mother is not watching. It is best to break your project up into smaller bursts anyway. So pick one shelf, one file, or drawer, make note of where you leave off and congratulate your self on making forward progress.
  3. The Secret of Life. Why are you organizing? Is it because, like me, you are obssessed with Ending Global Clutter©? Probably not. Hopefully you realize that organizing will make your life easier. So if an organizing project this weekend is going to make your life harder, forget it! You will be much more productive on a rainy day when you are stuck inside and want to do something.

TA DA! End of Blog #1.

Remember, Don't Panic.